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Therapeutic Vision’s unique compounds have veterinary and human potential. In addition, our unique orally active multifunctional redox modulators (MFRMs) have both civilian and military potential which has been summarized. Read more here. With additional capital, our compounds will progress rapidly into the clinic for major vision and hearing protection, general wound healing, neuroprotective indications, diabetic keratopathy, and dry eye disease.

Our company’s success in developing drugs for the veterinary market has not only provided initial funds but also guided and greatly reduced risk in its human drug development efforts. We are now actively seeking funding from investors and/or pharmaceutical partners. With additional capital to fund the CMC – Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls – validation for the aldose reductase inhibitor Kinostat® our compounds will progress rapidly into the veterinary market and then phase 2 and 3 human clinical studies for major vision and hearing protection, general wound healing, diabetic keratopathy, and dry eye disease.

With funding, Therapeutic Vision's first FDA approved prescription drug, Kinostat®, will be marketed for diabetic dogs in 2023 and could be transitioned to the human market by 2026 for one or more indications (dry eye and LASIK surgery in diabetic patients). The company's first human product, TheraVision Eye Health Drops can also be introduced in early 2023 as a topical nutraceutical supplement for dry eye disease. Our initial product licensed to CLC Medica as Optixcare® Eye Health Ointment has been introduced into the veterinary market as a similar supplement. Marketing of Therapeutic Vision’s first dry eye prescription drug, an MFRM is planned in 2026 with MFRM development for neuroprotection for vision and hearing following thereafter.

To date, the major funding for the companies drug development has been obtained through grants:

The company has also received FDA user fee waivers for the development of Kinostat® through a MUMS designation from the FDA Office of Minor Use and
Minor Species.

We welcome your inquiries. Please contact Dr. Peter Kador at for an available copy of our business plan and
slide decks.

We are proud to announce that Therapeutic Vision is a finalist for the MassChallenge 2021 accelerator program! We will join more than 200 other businesses and gain access to MassChallenge's global network, world-class mentoring from industry experts, tailored programming, and unrivalled access to corporate partners. Learn more about this big news and the program at