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Blinding cataracts develop in 80% of all dogs within the first year of the onset of diabetes mellitus.  At present, vision in these dogs can only be restored by removing cataracts with surgery.  Kinostat is a new, topical eye drop (aldose reductase inhibitor) that is being developed by Therapeutic Vision to prevent cataract formation in diabetic dogs. This means that vision is not lost and cataract surgery is not required!

Kinostat represents the first topical aldose reductase inhibitor available in the United States.  After its anticipated approval by the FDA for the veterinary market, we plan to expand its use to the human market. Although the data available indicate that Kinostat is clearly clinically effective for inhibiting cataracts in diabetic dogs, at present there is not a compelling case to be made for the use of topical Kinostat for treating diabetic retinopathy or for delaying human sugar cataract formation in adult diabetics.  This is because clinical trials will require a minimum of 4 years to complete and the costs will be prohibitive to a company of our size. Nevertheless, Kinostat, with further efficacy and safety studies in humans, could have a future role in treating diabetic keratopathy.  Diabetic keratopathy is a diabetic complication that affects the corneas’ nerve sensitivity, ability to heal, and clarity.  It is present in approximately 70% of all diabetics and many patients have visual loss secondary to diabetic keratopathy. The efficacy of aldose reductase inhibitors has been shown in both animal and human clinical studies.

Kinostat is currently not available for sale. We have filed our final report to the FDA and are eagerly awaiting their anticipated approval. Thank you for your interest in our product. We are striving to make this available as soon as possible to meet your diabetic dog’s needs.